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Mayakoba Activities

An enclave with endless experiences; all you have to do is enjoy it

Stay active during your stay

Mayakoba allows visitors to experience outdoor activities and all of the natural surroundings to the fullest. A wide range of activities for families, couples and adventure seekers including: Kayaking, archery, tennis, golf, Mayakoba Connection Boat Tour, biking and much more.

Nature Trail

Four kilometers (2.5 miles) of Nature Trail wind around Mayakoba, connecting the resorts, the El Camaleon golf course and El Pueblito. Ride your bike, jog or walk to enjoy this memorable activity. You can see the nature trail in our interactive map.

Boat Eco-Tour

An unforgettable experience starts here. A unique way to move around Mayakoba, navigate in our electric boats along the crystal clear waterways that connect the resorts, our magnificent El Camaleon golf course and activities.

Ferry Connection runs every 30 mins from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Beach Ferry Connection (between beach clubs) every 10 min from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Kayak at the Lagoon

Take a guided tour through the scenic Mayakoba Waterways. A fun activity on pedal-powered kayaks to immerse yourself in nature. Reserve through your concierge or at the Pro Shop.


The perfect activity for teens and young adults, always popular with families. Mayakoba features a four-target range fully equipped with a variety of bows and arrows. Reserve through your concierge or at the Pro Shop.

Cenote El Burrodromo

A five-minute walk from El Pueblito, find a stunning sinkhole with crystal water and surrounded by nature. Cenote Burrodromo is open from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Guest must be accompanied by a guide.

Racquet Club

Mayakoba’s Racquet Club features four tennis courts and a paddle court. Courtesy equipment available at the Tennis Centre shop.

Open from: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Take our free shuttles from your hotel to our Mayakoba’s Racquet Club.

Reservations: +52 (984)179 0860

Bird watching

Riviera Maya is famous for its bird watching, take in nature and observe the birds that call Mayakoba home in their natural habitat.

All Day Camp

The perfect summer activity for the younger ones. Start the day kayaking the waterways, followed by archery, then a delicious lunch at Koba Casa Club. Ride along Mayakoba’s nature trail and finish with an unforgettable boat tour.

Flora & Fauna

A guided eco-tour with our biologists for the kids.

Beach and Watersports

Discover our newly rehabilitated beaches at Mayakoba, making them some of the longest and most beautiful in the area, while always committed to the environment and our surrounding eco system.
Change your routine and try something new with different beach activities: Diving Center, Jet Ski, Jet Board, Kayaking, Stand up paddle, Snorkeling, Sailing, Volleyball, Water motorcycle and Van Dutch.

El Pueblito Cooking School

The Riviera Maya’s premier Cooking School located in Mayakoba’s El Pueblito. Enjoy personalized lessons and interactive cooking classes of Traditional and Regional Mexican Cuisine and of the Yucatan Peninsula.

El Pueblito Farmers Market

A wide variety of gourmet, organic products from the local community, apparel and live music at El Pueblito at Mayakoba.


Discover our unique boutiques in our four luxury resorts and El Pueblito at Mayakoba. Shop the latest trends with fashion and accessories curated by Javier Barrilero & Brenda Diaz de la Vega

Turtle Camp

Mayakoba Turtle Camp works hand in hand with the local municipality for the conservation of sea turtles. Ask your concierge for seasonality or how you can help with this project.


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